EZ Backdrops


We've all seen the trade show booths where they try to create a consistent image utilizing banner stands or pieced together fabric, vinyl or paper products but they fall short. They look exactly like what they are, stuff pieced together. They're not easy to transport and they never really quite look like what you would want them too. NOT SO WITH EZ BACKDROPS! Our unique method produces a solid SEAMLESS, 9'W x 8'H backdrop that creates the perfect billboard for your uninterrupted message.

What about durability, quality and clarity of your image? Have you ever seen, or even worse, experienced the ink on a backdrop cracking, fading and / or rubbing off over time? This is because the ink was printed onto the fabric, not into the fabric. Our dye sublimation process infuses the ink all the way into our premium fabric, ensuring your colors will remain crisp, vibrant and distinct! Additionally, and very importantly, this process offers you FULL color spectrum, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!

So, with full color spectrum dye sublimation, frameless, lightweight, seamless, 9' x 8' design; EZ Backdrops is the perfect billboard to project your message in an eye-popping manner without breaking your back or budget!

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