Doug Stein, Owner of Mad Style Interview

Doug Stein, Owner of Mad Style speaks with Kevin Gallagher of Wholesale.FM.

Mad Style, provider of wholesale couture handbags, has grown from an innovative idea launched in their basement to a successful multimillion dollar business with over 5,000 retail customers worldwide.

They specialize in a unique and diversified selection of handbags created to fit any fashion savvy individual's style and budget. Their products use top textiles such as ecofriendly bamboo, animal friendly leathers, and hand woven taffeta silks in fashion forward colors and patterns. They pride themselves on their superior craftsmanship and work hard to meet high standards of excellence.

Mad by Design is the leading designer and manufacturer of handbags using all natural mother of pearl. Their Zebra Starlet Wristlet clutch is the perfect example of their exquisite fashion sense paired with a dedication to using unique materials combined with an artisan flair.

While their fans are certainly "mad" about their bags, the name is actually an acronym of the founders Marta and Douglas Stein's names. After the news they were going to have a baby, Doug decided it was time to find a way to work from home and be present for the raising of his daughter. They started out working at home and providing bags to retail boutiques around town. Founded in 2004, Mad by Design was launched with 83 pieces in the collection promoted by a five page catalog. Now, after six years they offer over 700 unique pieces and a 48 page catalog.

While they still operate from a home office, they have grown significantly to include five full time employees and a 5000 square foot warehouse.

Mad by Design's products can be found world wide at places ranging from The Four Seasons, the Smithsonian, and Gaylord Plaza to small boutiques and resort shops.


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