Ortery interview

Interview with Samuel Shearer of Ortery Technologies
by WholesaleFM

Ortery – Photosimile Products

Increase image quality while saving your business time and money! Ortery's line of Photosimile solutions are built around ease of use, efficiencies and high quality output. Instantly compose, capture and process professional grade images in-house in just seconds using the Photosimile studio and software.

Photosimile makes it easy to take product images with professional results. Photocapture gives you the ability to create truly interactive product experiences. These technologies combine to give you complete control over your organization's product photography needs.



Why Photosimile Products?

Superb Digital Image and / or Interactive Results
– No Experience Needed!
  • 6500k lighting provides full light spectrum
  • Photocapture automates product rotation movies
Solutions bring automation into digital product photography
  • lighting automation
  • batch editing
  • 100% software control
Extremely fast- NO GUESSWORK
  • Standard 6500k lighting instantly provides shadowless images
  • Photocapture – automatically takes digital images at predetermined angles
  • Photosimile 5000 – takes up to 100 pictures from 100 different angles in less than 5 minutes
Saves Money, Makes Money
  • Eliminates the need for outsourced digital photography resources
  • Photocapture 360 Degree Images and Photosimile 5000 Spherical Images increase website conversion rates
Lifetime Support & Software Upgrades
  • Our lightbox Photosimiles and Photocapture products are the finest quality available- we spared no expense
  • Free technical support for as long as you own your Ortery product
  • We'll even provide digital photography help to our customer


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